The power detachment in business development

We know that desperation has a “stench.” When we need to close a deal, the prospect can smell it, and it’s not attractive.

So how do we approach prospects in a way where we can remain professional, where we keep our desperation and even excitement in check?

How professionals sell

You don’t see your doctor get visibly excited when you need a big expensive procedure. Your accountant isn’t “thrilled” to be working with you on your IRS audit. (And if they are, they know enough not to show it.)

But somehow, agency leaders want to show their “passion” by being enthusiastic about getting a project started.

The prospect is talking to you because they have a problem that they need to have solved. If we stay focused on solving the problem, we stay with them and it’s easier to maintain our professional positioning.

We want to help – but we don’t want it more than the client wants to solve their problem. We stay focused on their outcomes, not on our needs!

How professionals follow up

Because we are professional, we have a process for business development.

A part of that process could be that you set an every-other-week status meeting with your prospect. Put it on the calendar with them at the end of the discovery call.

By making it a part of your process, it’s not you reaching out to “check-in,” it’s you helping them to navigate the process to get their problem solved. It’s not because you need to know where you stand; you are making yourself available to work with them on their problem.

Focus on what they need, and you’ll get more of what you need. Try it, and let me know how it goes!

P.S. This post was inspired by Episode 660 of the Advanced Selling Podcast. If you want to go deeper on the subject listen in — it’s a good one.

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