The view from Cathedral Rock

3 wrong ideas about money

I just got back from a long vacation with my family where we spent time in the mountains seeing beautiful sights, having experiences we’ll remember for a lifetime, and getting lots of rest.

The view from Cathedral Rock
The view from Cathedral Rock — North Conway, NH

On the plane home, I reflected that I spend a lot of time working hard to bring money in to spend a (relatively) short time having fun and spending money!

That got me thinking about what money is for…

Money is not for survival.

When I was young, money was about survival. Can I pay the rent? Afford the car repair? The doctor’s bill? I needed to run faster than the lion chasing the herd.

In time, I learned that money is not for survival. What helps you survive is creativity and initiative!

Money is not for security.

When my survival was no longer immediately at risk, I started to see how having more money than I needed could make me feel more secure. “If I have stored up some money, it means I can survive longer!

But money is a lousy provider of security! You can’t count on money.

Sure, it’s better to have some savings in a time of crisis than to have none, but how much is enough?

The more you depend on it for security, the less secure you feel.

Money is not a way to keep score.

Others see money as a way to see where they stand in some kind of global pecking order. Having more money is equated to “winning” in life or business.

Of course, the trap here is the same as using money for security. How much is enough? In this scenario, money isn’t winning; it’s an addiction.

What is money then?

Money is a way to turn my work into choices.

What does money mean to you? How have these “wrong” ideas about money impacted the choices you make?

On Thursday, we’ll discuss how understanding this truth about money can free your brain up to create something huge.

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