Want more clients that thrill you?

You know that feeling when you look at your calendar for the day;  you see a client and can’t wait to meet with them?

Every time you meet with them, you’ve made progress together. They are invested in the work and open to collaborating with you. They appreciate what you create and implement it right away!

Are you thinking of that client?

What if you could have more of them?

Those ideal clients who take our advice and appreciate our help are out there! You could have a calendar full of them!

To do that, you’d need to:

  • Know an ideal client from a distance,
  • Have a message that attracts them and an offer that thrills them, and
  • Build a marketing and business development process that attracts more of them.

Last year I took a cohort through a program to do just that, identify ideal clients, develop messaging and offers to attract them, and then build an outreach engine to bring more of them to your door. When we finished, I got such good feedback I’ve adapted the content into two self-paced online courses, and they are available right now!

The Online Lead Generation Fundamentals course helps you research and get clear on your ideal client and the messaging and offer to attract them. The Online Lead Generation Engagement course helps you take that message and offer and put it in front of more ideal prospects to close more perfect clients!

The Online Lead Engagement course helps you build an outreach process that helps you identify and engage with ideal prospects online to have more conversations that produce better clients.

If you want to be thrilled by the appointments on your calendar more often, start your journey with our 7 question assessment of your sales process. It will give you some actionable tips based on your responses and help you find the right course for you.

How can you create a more consistent sales process?

Our 7-question assessment will tell you.

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