What to do with crazy ideas?

Great ideas don’t die in the market, they die in the shower. People are too scared to pursue them because they appear crazy.

Kaihan Krippendorff

I’m driving my kids to school, swimming laps, or daydreaming at the dentist’s office, and BAM! Out of nowhere, I get an insight.

It’s an idea that immediately feels “right.”

But then the rational part of my brain kicks in, and it starts to feel a little crazy. “You better not go down this road,” says my rational mind.

It’s trying to protect me.

There have been times when I followed one of those intuitive insights, and it got me in trouble. I remember that; I don’t want to do that again!

What do I do?

How will I ever find a breakthrough if I kill every insight before it sees the light of day?

Instead of thinking my two choices are to kill the idea, or throw caution to the wind and jump in full force, might there be a third way?

How could I test it? How could I take this idea out for a test drive? Who could help me to refine it and make it better?

What ideas of yours have never seen the light of day? Do any of them need to be resurrected and given a chance to grow up a bit?

Hit reply and tell me about one of them!

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