What do you need to crush your 2020 goals?

Do you have some big goals for this year? What are they?

I know it’s early in the year, and these goals still have that January shine on them, but I’ve got some questions for you about your goals.

  1. How many of these goals were also goals you had last year (or the year before that)?
  2. How many of the ambitious goals that you wrote last year got accomplished in 2019?
  3. How is this year going to be different?

I don’t want 2020 to be another year that starts with high ambition and ends with a mad dash to holidays. I’m guessing you don’t either. Will you stop for a minute and think about the following question? Give it some real consideration.

What support do you need to make your 2020 goals a reality?

[I’m pausing here so that you can give that some thought.]

Do you need more commitment? Would it help if someone increased the stakes for you by adding some encouragement and rewards, or some humiliation and sticks?

Do you need more accountability? Someone to help you break that goal down into baby steps then find the habits and routines that are going to make that goal a foregone conclusion?

Do you need a better team around you? Do you need inspiration from other folks who are in the trenches battling for their own goals?

*What do you need?*

Would you hit reply and let me know? I would be honored to hear about anything that would help you to end 2020 saying, ”I killed it this year!”

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