What do you want to maximize?

Agency owners are laser-focused on profit and productivity.

And rightfully so, if we’re not productive, it’s hard to make a profit, and without profit, it’s hard to have an agency!

But we need more than profit and productivity

Think about your work, was there ever a time when it was produce, produce, produce, all day, every day?

How did that go? Were you fresh, full of creativity and new ideas?

A few weeks of that, and I’m a crispy critter!

Performance, Learning, and Fun are three sides of a triangle. Neglect one and you end up burned out, stagnent or irrelevant.

As you make plans for the coming year, think about how you can find balance.

You need profit and productivity.

But you (and your team) also need some fun, some learning, and growth.

That’s what keeps the team engaged and draws in top talent.

It’s not an either or choice. We need to find a way to grow on all three legs of the triangle. Neglect any one, and you’ve got burnout, stagnation, or irrelevancy.

What are you planning to amp up the learning and fun next year? For your team as a whole, and individuals too.

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