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What else could you measure?

On Saturday, I gave you the assignment to think about, “What would I do if I didn’t need the money?”

Did you do that? What did you come up with?

Now that you have some goals that hopefully don’t involve starting another business, let’s think about how we could include some of those goals in your life and business today!

Alternative Measures

What if, instead of optimizing your business for growth, you optimized your take-home pay? How would you run your business differently if your goal was to extract as much money from your business activities?

I’m not saying you should do that – but if you have goals that can be met with money – you can make decisions to make more money.

What if you optimized for time off? What if you focused on building a business that could be accomplished three days a week most weeks? How would you change the way you run your business?

If you reduce your hours you could travel more, have more adventures, spend more time with family. Whatever you want to do!

You don’t have to grow

You don’t have to grow your business.

Yes, it’s easier, takes less time, and you have more money once your business gets over $2M, and even less time and more money over $5M. But putting off your goals until you get to that level might not be a good trade-off.

What could you do now to bring those goals into this year?

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