What is your NEXT challenge (Reading time 1 min 30 sec)

Let’s just say you are the world’s best baker — you are at the top of your class technically. Sure there are more things to learn, but what’s your next challenge? What’s the hill you want to climb?

There was one other thing that struck me as I listened to the  fantastic podcast  I wrote on about on Thursday. They are arguably the best in the world at their craft, Chad at baking bread, Chris at making Pizza. So what do they do now?

There’s no need to invent new bread recipes continually. There’s only so much that you can do with pizza. So what is someone who is a driven entrepreneur, who wants to make a difference, do once they’ve mastered their craft?

Chad went and found farmers who would grow him different wheat strains that would give him better tasting and more nutritious flour.

Chris teamed up with tomato growers to grow and can different tomatoes to make his sauce better.

In other words, they built a team who could follow the recipe so that they could go further in their craft than anyone else could. They could never do these things if they were still standing in front of the oven all day.

Chad even says in the interview, “I’m not interested in working on solo projects any more. It’s boring to me. I want to build a team. I want to do things that are better than what I can do alone.”

Success for them is that they don’t mess with the bread recipe. They have people who are doing that better than they ever could. They are going deeper and further.

It’s the same for you.
Success is going to mean that you don’t put yourself in the middle of what’s working. You aren’t going to grow your business through more technical expertise in your field. Find (and train) people who can do that. (Maybe better than even you could!) Over time, those folks will own their role and improve if you let them. That means you can innovate, going deeper, or expand, going wider.
But first, just like them.  HAVE to get out of the kitchen. For an agency owner, that means you have to get out of client work. You have to let go of being the final decider about everything.

What do you need to let go of so that your business can go further?

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