What would it mean to you to attract better clients?

What if you worked ALL DAY with clients who LOVE what you do, who are fully engaged in the process, and who want more from you in every meeting? What would that be like?

There’s a secret formula to attracting those kinds of clients, Raise Your Prices!

When you substantially raise your prices the only people who will work with you are those people who believe that your services are critical to their company’s success. They are more engaged (they’ve got more skin in the game) and have high expectations!

What happens then?

  • You will have a much sharper focus in your marketing. You need clear messages to attract those top-shelf clients.
  • It’s going to mean that you only sell things that you have high confidence in and that clients LOVE. 

But there’s an even more important reason you need to raise your prices.

As you grow your business, you need more margin!

More margin means:

  • You can hire better people and invest in non-billable people who will take a load off your shoulders!
  • You can pay yourself, and the rest of your staff, more, which makes it easier to attract rock stars!
  • You can build the infrastructure that your company will rely on as you grow. 

That’s why raising your prices is a HUGE step toward accelerating your company’s growth. If you want a step-by-step approach to doing that, stop by here and check it out!

What’s keeping you from substantially raising your prices?

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