What’s great about failing?

When we are trying something new, whether we are attempting to grow our business or make new friends, when we push out of our comfort zone, there will be times when it goes horribly wrong.

And when that happens, it feels terrible. When it happens to me, I wonder why I’m putting myself through this.

But there’s another side to this.

Even if we don’t try new things or push ourselves, life has a way of pushing our limits for us.

Maybe it’s a sick child, an unexpected financial loss, or a friend who betrays us, but no matter how we try to play it “safe,” life will push us to our limits.

Those of us pushing our limits on purpose and experiencing failures that we didn’t have to experience have more practice!

We get a chance to learn from failure. It might even become a friend!

We learn that:

  • failure is a better teacher than success.
  • failure is not fatal. We can find success on the other side of failure.
  • failure can be a gift.

Where are there stresses in your life right now? Is there something there to learn from? What might be possible on the other side of that stress?

If you are living on the darker side of failure or hesitating to try something that might put you there, hit reply, and let’s get on the phone.

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