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What’s happening in the economy?

There’s a lot of alarming economic news out there! Just look at these headlines!

When you read those headlines, what story are you telling yourself? Are you more confident about your business or less?

Now, notice what happens when you read these headlines:

Which set of headlines is more likely to predict economic performance? Which should guide your business planning?

It doesn’t matter!

While none of us can ignore economic news, and shifts in the economy can make it easier or more difficult for us to make money, we are not victims of the larger US economy.

10 – 20 good clients in a year are enough for most of us. There are certainly 20 healthy, growing companies out there that need what you offer. They may be harder to find, and you may need to work harder to earn their business in 2023. But the economy doesn’t control your business outcomes.

So, how do you keep your creativity and problem-solving genius focused on how to find those 20 healthy growing companies? (Instead of spending it trying to predict an unpredictable economy.)

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