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What’s holding you back from achieving your dream?

You have something you want to accomplish in your life.

  • It might be building an outstanding studio that creates the most impactful, award-winning work.
  • It might be to sail around the world.
  • It might be to write the great American novel.

Whatever it is, it’s a dream because you don’t have a direct path to get there. You can see it in the distance, but if you knew how to get there, it wouldn’t be a dream; it would be a plan!

What’s standing in the way of that goal?

When I ask people, “What’s standing between you and achieving your dream,” most people think about three things:

  1. Time, they don’t have the time to pursue it.
  2. Money, they need more money to achieve it than they have access to.
  3. Knowledge or skills, they don’t know how or aren’t able to do at a high level what you need to accomplish your dream.

I call BS

When you say, “I don’t have time,” what you mean is, “this isn’t as important as other things I’m doing.” That’s OK. Other priorities in your life may be more important right now than your “dream.” That’s a normal, grown-up choice. But own it!

As a boss told me, “money is never the problem; if you have a good idea, there is always someone who will give you the money.

Don’t believe him? Scroll through the funded projects on Kickstarter sometime. People support a lot of crazy stuff; there’s someone who will fund your dream! Find them.

When you say, “I don’t know how,” that feels lazy to me. We live in a time when access to information and experts has never been easier. Find someone who does know how and ask them how to do it!

The biggest barrier to your dream is…

But the most likely reason that you aren’t making progress toward your dream is fear. Fear that if you started on that journey, you might not make it. You might fail.

Fear that you aren’t enough. That you aren’t smart enough, or creative enough, or you can’t work hard enough, or that you aren’t ____ enough.

But you are enough.

How do I know? Hit reply, and I’ll give you the answer!

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