What’s wrong with fast food?

I got quite a response from my last email about being more choosy in your business development approach.

  • Folks felt like choosing clients, and especially projects from existing clients came across as “snobby.”
  • “There’s nothing wrong with being efficient in your sales process,” replied one agency principal, “some of us don’t want to become full-time salespeople.”
  • And finally, my favorite, “McDonald’s makes good money too. We don’t all have to be haute cuisine.”

Is it your goal to open a McDonald’s?

Did you start your agency to sell pretty good work to folks who don’t care that much about it as long as it’s cheap? If so, no worries, take all the work you can get. Almost any client will fill your roster just fine.

But remember back in high school? You didn’t like working in fast food. The workplace was kind of gross; the team members weren’t that engaged; the customers were kind of rude. It wasn’t a great experience.

Some folks don’t care, they’re fine running a Micky D’s.

From what I’ve seen, those agency owners who are dissatisfied with their business, who are frustrated with their profits, who are annoyed with their clients and team members could improve their business, their happiness, and their income, by being more selective about who they choose as clients.

The clients you work for are 100% your choice. You can choose great clients and projects, or you can choose crummy clients and projects. It’s up to you.

If you’re ready to start being pickier about the clients you work with, hit reply, and we can talk about how that works.

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