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When did you last give performance reviews?

Well, now is the time to give your team some feedback! Why now? Let’s see…

If your team is like the ones I’m working with, they’ve been working hard lately, pumping out lots of work that’s making 2021 a pretty good year for your company!

What you might not know (but that your team members might be hearing from their friends) is that the gap between salaries for workers who switch jobs and those who stay at the same firm is the greatest it’s been in more than 20 years.

Finally, have you read about the Great Resignation? I’m sure your team has!

Mix up the full calendars, that wage gap, and WFH sameness, and you’ve got some folks just itching for a change, any change!

Get out in front of it!

This is why now is the time to talk to your team about what they have been doing well, the opportunities that you see ahead of them, and the learning that they can experience right here in your firm. That’s what performance reviews are all about. 

But before you get started, take some time and research competitive salaries compared to what you are paying. You might need to make some adjustments!

I know you didn’t have performance reviews on your EOY “to-do” list, but which is more work? Performance reviews or recruiting a new team?

If you want some help with your performance management process, hit reply! I’m happy to send over the forms and procedures that we use with clients.

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