Who do you need to be today, Part 2

One of my favorite mentors (though he doesn’t know he’s a mentor) is Chris Dorris. A core message that Chris teaches is, Create the state; don’t wait.

In his book of Mental Toughness Mantras, he says:

One of the most magical human superpowers that we have is the ability to create any state; any and every state that exists, in a moment’s time with our thinking. So we want to ask ourselves. “What is the state that will serve me now”?

What Chris is talking about is more than just choosing your mood like I was talking about in my last email; he’s telling us that we can choose who we can BE. Listen as he goes on,

The most frequent mistake made I have observed people making in the pursuit of their desires and the pursuit of excellence is waiting. Unnecessary waiting. Putting unnecessary time between ourselves and what we want and who we want to be.

For example,

  • Waiting to get a certain GPA and academics before feeling our own genius.
  • Waiting for acknowledgment to feel competent
  • Waiting for a vacation to feel relaxed.

Do you see what he’s saying there?

Who you ARE doesn’t depend on anything happening in the world other than your thinking.

Instead of waiting to see how the prospect reacts to your proposal to decide your confidence level – decide before you get on the call!

Instead of waiting to see what kind of mood the client is in, decide beforehand the outcome you want to get to and who you need to be to get there.

You don’t need the gold star, the diploma, or to reach some magical number to show up as your best, most creative, and powerful self. You can do it now. Today.

Where are you waiting and holding back from being who you ARE? What results could you create if you changed your state today?

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