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Why work?

Life is short.

The life expectancy of college-educated Americans is 78.8 years. Take off 20 years for childhood, and our adult life is about 515,088 hours. If we sleep for a third of those hours, it leaves us 339,958 hours. If we work for 40 years at about 40 hours per week, that’s 80,000 hours or 25% of our waking adult hours are spent at work.

We spend a quarter of our lives working.

There must be something important about the thing we spend a quarter of our lives doing. I’d expect that you’d want that time to be significant! To mean something. 

What does work mean to you?

Beyond making a living, why does it matter?

Why do you work?

If you find a clear answer to that question, it might make a lot of other questions easier to answer!

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