Will your firm have a breakthrough year this year?

Breakthroughs come as a result of shifting your commitment from the predictable future to a possible future. ~ Werner Erhard

Summer is drawing to an end, and school is starting. This is the time of year when businesses start to focus on what they need to accomplish before year’s end.

I see many brands spending money in the fourth quarter before budgets restart and year-end bonuses get evaluated. It’s also when the 2022 budgets are set.

It’s a good time to be active in outreach, connecting with past clients and folks who said no to proposals in the past. There’s business to be had out there!

These last four months are the sprint to the finish and done right, can set you up for 2022!

What will you let go of?

If you’re committed to a specific goal for year-end. You have a place you want your business to be in, and you’re going to make that happen; you have to set some priorities and let some things go.

  • You could postpone decisions about your office until next year.
  • You could extract yourself from the client work and lean on your team to do more.
  • You could hire some help!

How are you focusing your time and energy so that your agency can make a big leap in the next four months?

5 days to get
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