Small Business Consulting Services

Anchor Advisors works with business owners with 10 to 100 employees to help them grow their business, move with confidence and make quicker decisions. We help our clients strengthen the four pillars of their business – PurposePeopleProcess and Performance Measures – providing them with a firm foundation on which to grow.

By working alongside business owners to help them focus on their purpose, priorities become clear. The right people create leverage for the business owner; they have room to breathe again. Consistent process allows an owner to focus only on the outliers, and let their team handle the routine. Results become more predictable. With performance measures in place, business owners know the engine is running smoothly, and where they should spend their time.

In their own words…

Candice Elwell lightspan digitalBest money we ever spent” is what you will overhear me saying about our work with Anchor Advisors. We have worked with other advisors with a lot of great ideas, but Brad and Lightening turned these great ideas into small, digestible & executable pieces–which makes all of the difference. Brad has also helped us come to some difficult, but necessary decisions without letting them linger to the point of distraction. We are a better, happier and healthier place because of our work together. ”

Candice Elwell, VP of Operations
Lightspan Digital

These services are delivered through our Business Support Program. The Business Support Programis a customized process designed for your business that involves regularly scheduled meetings, homework assignments (both for you and for our advisors) and accountability. This process allows us to focus on the areas that are most important to you while ensuring that we are making progress toward your goals.



What is the vision that you have for your business? What strategy should you employ to achieve that vision? Are your goals and objectives aligned with your vision and purpose? Will you be satisfied once you achieve business success? How well is your staff aligned to your vision and strategy?

A clear purpose enables you to lead your business, not run your business.

PEOPLEAnchor Advisors - People

Do you have the right people on your team in the right positions? Are your employees working toward your business’ mission and goals? Will they be able to grow with your business, or will they leave after just a couple of years? Do you have effective tools for managing their performance, rewarding high performers and eliminating poor performers?

A people plan gives you people whom you, and your clients, can count on.

PROCESSAnchor Advisors - Process

Once you find an effective process, how do you reproduce it for the long-term? Now that you are growing, how do you make sure that the new team members deliver the same value that you did? How consistent are your outcomes?

Consistent processes lead to predictable results.

PERFORMANCE MEASURESAnchor Advisors - Performance Measures

What performance data should you regularly check in each area of your business (i.e., financial, sales, quality, morale, etc.)? Who’s looking at them? What measures exist to ensure your business’ success and effectiveness? How do you decide where you need to spend your time?

With performance measures in place we can make changes in our process and see the results improve.

RECRUITINGAnchor Advisors - Recuting

How can you grow when you have open positions? How can you find time to hire someone when you are doing the work of the person who quit? Isn’t there a better way? Plus, recruiters want 20% to 30% of a person’s salary; who can afford that?

Our candidate sourcing services can provide a ready source of talent at a price designed for small businesses.

BUSINESS HEALTH CHECKAnchor Advisors - Business Health Check

The Anchor Advisors’ Business Health Check is designed to review a company’s health, from top to bottom, to ensure it is in good shape to face the challenges imposed by growth. The best growth plan in the world will not succeed if the foundation that it is built upon is not as strong as it can be. Just as your doctor would recommend a physical prior to starting a bodybuilding program, this assessment will help ensure that your business is ready for rapid growth.