9 things to think about from the shutdown through the recovery

For the last three weeks, I’ve been working with business owners grappling with the impact of the coronavirus shutdown on their business. 

We’ve been thinking not just about the immediate impacts

  • Sending people to work-at-home
  • Securing existing business as clients start to wavier
  • Adjusting your sales and marketing strategy

But also thinking about what it’s going to be like to lead through the rest of 2020. 

  • What’s the impact going to be on the economy?
  • What’s changing for good, and what’s going to bounce right back?
  • Where will there be opportunities for us to bounce back stronger than ever?

I’ve also been listening in on presentations held by other industry experts, David C. Baker, Liston Witherill, Joel Pilger, and Blair Enns.

In listening broadly to the experts, and to many of you, some key trends have emerged.

I’ve pulled together nine strategies for you to think about in each of the phases of this event.

  • 3 things to do now, during the shutdown.
  • 3 things to help you to manage the transition to the “new normal.”
  • 3 things to prepare for the eventual bounce back. 

It’s too much for an email, but you can grab a PDF copy free by clicking here. 

What do you think I missed? What questions do you have? Hit reply and let me know.

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