Where should your priorities be as the leader of your agency?

“It’s about getting the best people, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment and helping to find a way to innovate” – Marissa Mayer

You want your agency to grow.

You also want it to be a great place to work, where smart, creative people thrive and do great work.

You might also be one of those smart, creative people, and it feels important to show people that you can still “do the work.”

Where do you focus when you’re trying to do all that?

Let’s see if we can follow what Marissa Mayer suggests…

  1. Getting the “right” clients is a huge help. We talked about that on Tuesday. Look for clients who are willing to be led, looking for what you do, and will trust you to do it! That’s your first priority!
  2. Recruiting the right people comes next. There’s nothing that improves the performance of your agency more than having a team of A-players!
  3. Nurturing a creative environment is not easy. It takes more than free drinks, fun colors on the wall, and a foosball table. More on that in a later message! But what’s the use of having great clients and A-players in a culture that doesn’t bring out their best?
  4. Get out of your own way. Yes, that means stop meddling in your good people doing their best work in your carefully nurtured creative environment. If you need a creative outlet, do it on the side!

Does this seem right?

How do your priorities match up with these? What do you need to be doing more of? What do you need to be doing less of?

Hit reply! I’d love to hear from YOU what’s working!

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