Are you a big holiday scrooge?

With Thanksgiving behind us, there’s just one long sprint to the end of the year. 

We’ve got 4 weeks left to accomplish our annual goals, while we do all the holiday shopping, gift-giving, party-going, and family event preparation. It’s the “happiest time of the year,” right?

It’s these kind of crunch times when I find myself wondering, can I keep going like this? (Then I get kind of grouchy and my family starts calling me a scrooge.)

If you are like most business owners you don’t have a clean job description — your job is to do “all the things” that need to be done to keep the business going. This job doesn’t have a defined beginning and end, it just seems like we’re always in the “middle” where we are slogging through the messy part without getting the satisfaction of completing anything. 

Are you doing the wrong job?

So, this seems a bit unsustainable, no? And it makes me wonder, are you doing the wrong job? I mean, do “all the things” seems like a job that’s made for a crazy person. (You aren’t crazy, right?) 

There are likely a lot of things that fall into the category of “all the things” that you aren’t very good at, and that don’t give you life, but you’re doing them anyway.


You are the boss, you can assign those things to someone, to anyone! You can hire someone specifically to do the things that drag you down, that you aren’t good at, that are stealing your life.

But you can’t afford it, right?

Now how much would you spend?

Let’s just add up all the time you spend doing things that you aren’t great at, and that drain your energy. How much time would that add up to? (Go ahead, add it up, I’ll wait…)

What if you put that time into building your business? Calling past customers, reaching out to new ones…you get the idea. Would you be able to afford it then?

For the next week, keep track of the things that are not getting done, that are nagging you day after day from your to-do list, that you are putting off to the end of the day when you are exhausted. Add them to a list on a yellow pad.

At the end of the week commit to finding someone else to do all those things. Need to find a VA? I’ve got a whole how-to guide written just for you. Check it out!

Now you have no excuses. 

(Or maybe you still DO have excuses, hit reply and let me know what they are! I want to hear them, I really do.)

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