Growth of Slack Users to 10M DAU

Are you on Slack (or another messaging platform)?

There’s been insane growth in the use of Slack as an internal messaging platform to reduce the volume of internal emails and from what I’ve seen from companies who adopt it, it has passionate fans! Those fans have driven incredible growth in their user base.

Growth of Slack Users to 10M DAU

What’s interesting to me is how much Slack has grown outside of their core use case of intra-office messaging. 

In the last 12 months, I’ve seen all kinds of special interest groups, from leadership chats, to online course participants, to fantasy football leagues take to Slack as a way to organize discussions between members. 

So I’m curious — are you using Slack (or some other messaging platform) and if so how? Hit reply and let me know!

I’ve created a slack community for business owners (mostly some of my clients and partners) where we can ask one another questions, get advice, and support. If that’s something you want in on Create Account  at the Business Owners Slack channel.

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