I’m an unabashed Ted Lasso fan.

The first season was perfect for the pandemic. The second season had enough twists and turns to hold me on the edge of my seat with characters I cared about. We’ve had a rocky and uneven third season so far – but I trust Jason Sudeikis to land this plane somehow.

At the end of this week’s episode (no spoilers, I promise), Ted gave a speech – a classic Ted Lasso speech – that moved me. For me, these are the best moments of Ted Lasso. When he just reaches inside and says something true, with clarity. I’ve included it in the image below.

Posted by u/leftonconnor on Reddit

For us to lead our enterprises, we need belief.

Belief in our vision and direction, in our team’s ability to execute, and in our resilient ability to adjust to whatever comes our way in the process.

But almost every day – sometimes every hour – some of that “junk” Ted talks about gets in my way. I get jealous of someone landing a huge deal. I get scared when I need to say something hard to a client or a friend. I choose to make myself small to avoid criticism. Or I look at the news and lose hope that any of it can change.

My job, in those moments, is to activate my internal sewer system and let all that crap just float away.

If I can recognize that jealousy, anger, despair, and fear aren’t who I am – they don’t have to stick to me – then I can stand on my belief.

Can you see some junk running around in your head, heart, or gut? Junk that just needs to be washed down the sewer?

What beliefs do you need to return to so that you can stand on solid ground?

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