Nate the Great giving the pregame talk

Can I be honest with you…

An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips. ~ Proverbs 24:26

This summer, my house has been a bit obsessed with Ted Lasso, the Apple TV show about an NCAA Division 2 football coach who gets hired to coach a premier league soccer team.

At one point, the team needs to break out of a funk, and Coach Lasso sends the equipment manager, Nate, to do the pre-game talk. He asks Nate to give the team the unvarnished truth.

Nate the Great giving the pregame talk
Click the image to watch the clip — it’s hilarious!

Sometimes we need to hear the cold-hard truth, even when the truth is hard.

I’m not sure who needs to hear this right now, but if it’s you here goes.

If you’re not closing new business right now, it’s on you.

There’s new business to be had out there – lots of it. If you aren’t closing your fair share, you’ve got to do some serious soul searching.


  1. You aren’t having enough conversations, or,
  2. You are talking to the wrong people, people who can’t buy, or who don’t need what you are selling, or,
  3. Your offer is just not that compelling. You need to listen to what the market is asking for and sell that back to them!

That’s it; it’s one of those things.

The first two are easy to fix, but the third one will take some hard work. And it’s not work that you can do alone. You need someone to help you sort out your own BS and make an offer that folks will say yes to.

If this is hitting home for you, don’t hide from it. Do the work that it takes to look in the mirror and grow your agency. Now!

Hit reply, and let’s get on the phone and get your offer straight so you can close some business!

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