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Feed the top of the funnel

When we are looking to grow our business there are a lot of avenues we can pursue; better proposals, better presentations, sharpening our pricing, networking, advertising… But there’s only one thing that’s likely to consistently grow your business, and that’s more leads. The more people you talk to who are actually interested in buying your…


What’s your job? 4 things business owners must do themselves

Many business owners that I know will create job descriptions for their team members, but how many of us have a job description for our own job? We create job descriptions to set expectations with our team members. We want them to know what we expect them to do. Business owners need this too! I…

How do you know that YOU are doing a good job?
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How do you know that YOU are doing a good job?

As a business owner, we all have more than one job (many of us carry 4 or 5); but two of those jobs are the same for every business owner. The first is being a great leader in your business. Whether you are the CEO/President, or a partner who shares the leadership, one of your…