The CEO who makes the fewest decisions grows their business the fastest.

A pattern that I see with agency owners in the growth stage is that they are the biggest reason their firms aren’t making progress.

Don’t believe me? How many projects or initiatives are waiting on something from you?

  • Your team is committed to a content marketing plan, but you are responsible for producing (or even reviewing) all the content. The project will stall as the team waits for you to give them content.
  • There’s a proposal that needs you to put the final touches on it before it goes out. It will be late.
  • Implementing a new software package will drag on forever if you need to be on every call.

“If this plan depends on me for its success…we should change it.”

Once your business makes it to the growth stage, where you have a solid product/market fit, and your biggest challenge is to build your team and scale, you have to consciously get yourself out of the critical path for any action.

This is challenging because, for a long time, you needed to be on that critical path. Your hustle and energy were what drove the success of the business. You didn’t have a team you could rely on.

But now the tables have turned. Your job is to build the team, process, and tools; it’s their job to run the business.

Your brain is not scalable.

How can you make fewer decisions? How can you get out of the critical path?

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