Commitment isn’t for the faint of heart.

So you’ve got just a few goals for this year, and you must accomplish them. You want to increase your commitment, but you feel resistance. Even though these goals are critical, you’re not sure that you will follow through.

What’s that about?

Commitment is scary

Going all in on your goals means that if you fail, it will hurt.

If you put your best into it and still can’t do it, what does that say about you?

Worry starts working in your brain; you start looking for excuses. (Before you’ve even started!)

To fully commit means leaving all the exit ramps behind; you’re going ahead no matter what. It means facing fear.

You love freedom

Most founders went out on their own because they valued freedom more than ease. It would have been easy enough to keep collecting a paycheck from the man, but not for you. You had to go out on your own!

So now you are trying to pin me down with these commitments? Are you trying to limit my options?

No, not me friend, you made the goals, and they need your commitment. Will you give it? Is accomplishing these goals worth a little freedom?

People will expect more of you next time

If I go all-in on this goal, will folks expect that of me every time? Do I have to show up with that kind of commitment to everything?

I don’t know if that’s how I want to live!

If you go all-in on this goal, you might learn that you can have that same commitment to all the goals in your life! What would that be like?

You may be sick of this little series about commitment, but I know that if you get it – if you can fully commit that you will accomplish your goals – putting your whole heart into it, that can move mountains. You will be unstoppable.

The choice is yours.

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