Did you get in?

I’m excited to see some new faces in our Business Owner’s Slack Group.

It’s amazing to have a place to go where folks are generous about helping one another. For example, I was researching the Jobs to Be Done framework for helping to identify the attributes of your service that clients are excited about and there in the group was someone who’s company offers exactly that service!

Or on another occasion, one business owner needed some graphic design help and reached out to the group. Jon had a recommendation for her that saved her hours of time looking through Upwork!

Jump on in, the water’s fine!

If you’re on the fence, why don’t you just give it a try? You may find a great collaborator or the answer to a problem you’ve been challenged with.

I’ll be hopping in and out of the channel answering some questions — but the best answers have been coming from other users in the group! We’d love to have you in. To join click here and create an account.

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