Do you have the will to PREPARE to win?

Frank McClung responded to my email from last week titled “Your piano teacher was right!” and it was such a terrific insight I wanted to share it with you all:

Love this, Brad.

I’ve actually been thinking about this topic after watching this film on the Air Force SPECOPS qualifications…730 days of training if you make it!

What stood out to me was what one of the instructors said in the video (3:34), “Everyone has the will to win. It’s not the will to win we are looking for, it’s the will to prepare to win.”

Here’s to the plateau and the will to train,

Frank McClung
I help decision-makers in service-based organizations understand and create better website strategies.

It’s the little things we do daily, how we use our time, the disciplines we practice, that add up to those big wins. That’s how you become the “overnight success” that was 10 years in the making…

What are you doing now that is the preparation for your overnight success?

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