Don’t rush to create a proposal!

You have a conversation scheduled with a potential new client, and you’re excited.

You get on the phone, and everything goes well; the next step is for your to write a proposal…that’s when all the energy and excitement drains out of you.

Writing proposals is a drag. It takes too long; it’s tedious but somehow high-stakes at the same time! Plus, who even reads all of this?

What if you could win business without writing proposals?

In my experience, if you slow down the sales process, you can win more business with fewer proposals.

Instead of rushing into writing the proposal, have another call. Present some ideas along with some tentative costs. Gain agreement with the client that they want to pursue a project like this and are willing to pay your price.

Then you can write a contract and close the deal!

Chip, Kami, and I talked this through on a recent episode of the Small Agency Talk Show. Click here to jump into the conversation and hear what we said.