Earning worktime by taking time off.

When I was a kid, my dad would frequently tell me, “The time to rest is when all your work is done.

It was a good lesson for a teenager prone to lying on the couch reading a book all day! But as an adult, I’ve found that the reverse is true.

The time to work is when I’m fully rested.

When I’m fully rested, my mind is sharp. I have energy and focus. Most importantly, I can see what’s essential and what’s not with a clear head.

I’m not working smart and strategic when I’m “running and gunning”! At best, I’m shooting from the hip while making tactical judgments focused on what’s right in front of me. At worst, I’m overwhelmed, tired, and my brain is running through the mud!

What if my dad had taught me, “Brad, you can only work once you’ve had some time to rest, clear your mind, and think creatively”?

Maybe my 16-year-old self never would have mowed the lawn, but my 36-year-old self would have been a lot more productive!

How are you making sure that you enter every workday with a clear and rested mind?

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