Fear exists in the Future

I know from talking to many of you that there are big things you want to accomplish that you feel called to move forward. And one of the significant obstacles to doing that is fear. Fear of failure, fear of looking bad, fear of disappointing people, even fear of success, and everything that comes with seeing your dreams fulfilled.

On Thursday, I told a story about being petrified at the bottom of Rattlesnake cave. I was 100% healthy and safe, but in my mind, I was being crushed by 100’ of limestone and would never be able to get out.

Everything was fine at the moment; there was nothing wrong. But all my mind could think about was bad things that could happen.

Fear exists in the future

When I’m trying to make progress on a significant goal, the fear that holds me back is usually something I imagine in the future. I think about moving forward, and I start to anticipate all the ways it could go wrong, I could screw it up, or embarrass myself.

All things that haven’t happened.

If I can let go of those “futures” and return to the present, those fears will disappear. I don’t have to solve those problems; the only problem I need to solve is how to take one step toward that goal. Find the next right thing I need to do and do that.

If I can just be here, everything is OK.

It’s Saturday. All your business challenges will be there on Monday. For today, can you just be here, in your Saturday self?

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