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Feed the top of the funnel

When we are looking to grow our business there are a lot of avenues we can pursue; better proposals, better presentations, sharpening our pricing, networking, advertising…

But there’s only one thing that’s likely to consistently grow your business, and that’s more leads.

The more people you talk to who are actually interested in buying your services, who have a clear need (that you can meet), have a budget and a timeline, and who can make a decision, the more deals you will close.

Yes, if your presentation is weak and your proposal stinks it’s going to take more of those conversations than is you have the perfect pitch and proposal. But unless you can consistently generate qualified leads your business isn’t going to grow. The only thing that you have 100% control over is the top of your marketing funnel. It’s a math thing, not everyone will like you even if you do everything right. So if you have more people who can say yes, you will end up with more people who will say yes.

Once you are consistently generating leads then you should try to optimize the process. But first start generating leads, then generate more leads. Once you know what makes leads happen you are in a position to worry about how to write the perfect presentation, or craft the perfect proposal.

On Thursday we’ll talk about how to generate those leads…


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