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Here’s a list of things that I’m moving off my plate focus on making progress on my biggest goals:

  • I’m checking the news only once a day, for 30 minutes.
  • I’m saying no to networking requests. I love meeting people, but I need the calendar space.
  • I’m saying no to “coffee,” even with “business friends.” I love you, but I got work to do.
  • I’m saying no to content collaborations with peers – unless it’s meeting one of my key goals, I have to pass.
  • I’m letting my team triage my email box, website leads, and inbound requests.
  • I’ve found a tool that lets me send emails without opening my email client (the inbox is too distracting.)
  • I’ve found a tool to post to my social channels without seeing my timeline. (The timeline is too distracting.)
  • I’m block scheduling my time so that I don’t wander off of this plan!

To make more progress, I need more focus. What are you willing to give up, shut down, or minimize to make more progress on your biggest goals?

Hit reply and let me know; I’ll gather everyone’s best ideas!

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