Getting more done with your ideal week

For me, it started slowly.

In the beginning, I reserved Fridays: no client meetings, no commitments. Friday became the day I worked on my business.

I was panicked! What would clients say if I told them I couldn’t meet on Friday?

No one even noticed.

So then I got excited, what if I reserved Mondays too? On Mondays, I meet with my team. I get the work organized for the week and do all my writing. What a great way to start a week!

Slowly other rhythms started to form. I focused client meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday to have Thursdays free for new business work.

Having these time blocks set aside has made me way more productive and a lot happier too!

Creating your ideal week

When I work with clients to create their ideal week, we do it the other way around! We start with the “rocks” – the big, must-do items that go into every week. Then we block out time for business building activities, personal reflection, health, family, etc.

No week follows your ideal week pattern exactly; there are always going to be some deviations. But by starting with a template for the week, you want to have you know when you are breaking the rules. When you have a week where things come in relatively close and notice the increases in productivity and reductions in stress, you can get closer and closer.

What do you do to batch work and create a rhythm for your weeks? Hit reply and let me know.

P.S. If you want to dive deeper, here’s a good primer.

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