Giving Thanks

Last week we talked about narrowing your focus to the most important things, things only you can do so that you can slow down the speed of your life. I’ve found that when I slow the pace of my life, I see more, notice more, and have more vitality.

One of the most significant results of slowing down my life has been an increase in gratitude.

When I have more time between commitments, when I’m not rushing around, it’s easier to see the progress we’ve made. I notice how much I enjoyed my time with my client or how nice my yard looks in the autumn sun.

When my days have more moments of spontaneous gratitude, it does wonders for my energy and perspective. Things seem possible; roadblocks look like speed bumps.

Happy Thanksgiving

This week in the U.S., families will sit down and eat a big meal together on Thanksgiving.

For our farmer forefathers, it was a time to slow down after a hard summer and fall of planting and reaping to focus on gratitude. Maybe we could take a cue from their tradition?

I pray that you and your family have a healthy Thanksgiving free from hurry!

P.S. Lincoln’s proclamation of Thanksgiving in 1863 is brief and (to me) very moving. Worth a read.

P.P.S. I’m taking the rest of the week off, see you in 7 days!

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