Have you restarted your sales engine?

The pandemic has made it hard to know how to sell from week-to-week. 

Early on, the shock of the pandemic and the adjustment to work-from-home soaked up a lot of time and attention. For many, the idea of doing outreach in that climate felt tone-deaf. 

As the quarantine took hold, it was the fear about the economy that was holding folks back. How can we do outreach when so many people are losing their jobs?

The rate of infection is higher than ever, but people’s attitudes seem to have shifted again. We can’t hold off on selling forever, we need some new work, and our clients have things that they need. Let’s start doing some outreach again.

If this is the position that you are in, here are some things to consider. 

Your client’s needs have changed. 

One of the constants of 2020 has been change. For business, that’s meant innovation and exploration to find out what the market needs now. 

Have you called your past clients, current clients, and everyone in your pipeline? Give them a ring, not to sell them anything, just to find out how they’ve been innovating and where their needs are now. 

There’s still a lot of caution out there. 

No one feels like they are “out of the woods,” so it’s a good idea to slow down your sales process. It’s going to take more touchpoints and trust-building to win business now than it did last year. 

What can you do to demonstrate competence and trust? How can you show folks the ways you can help with their 2020 problems?

Persistence pays off

Because everyone is cautious and uncertain, you may need to be more persistent and follow up more than you are used to. 

Talk about process.

One question that’s been helpful for my clients right now is to ask prospects, “How are you going to decide who to work with on this project?” Get clients to articulate their decision process clearly. You’d be surprised how many just don’t know how to decide in this environment. You can help them!

How are you getting out of the door and getting some new clients right now? What’s working for you?

How can you create a more consistent sales process?

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