How are you going to celebrate “Bosses Day”?

Did you know that tomorrow is “Bosses Day”?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t — it’s a pretty ridiculous holiday. 

Don’t get me started on the idea that employees should buy bosses gifts (they shouldn’t) and the ones they do buy are mostly lame (who wants balloons, or a card), the whole thing is terrible.

Well, except for one idea. 

Bosses need to be celebrated. 

  • Who puts their money, sweat, and ego on the line to get a business started? You do.
  • Who does all the crap that no one else wants to do, but that has to get done to keep the business going? You do.
  • Who went from being someone who knew how to do a thing, to now running a bunch of other people who are doing that thing? You did.
  • Who learned all the things, most of which you didn’t go to school for, just so you can understand what people you are paying money to are telling you? Yeah, that’s you too!
  • Who goes out and finds all the clients, signs them up, gets them to pay, and makes sure there’s enough money for payroll (even when they don’t always get paid)? You again!

So you deserve a damn party! 

But not some lame affair thrown by your team members. You deserve a really good party. You deserve to Party Like a BOSS! Take one night to celebrate, enjoy some of the fruits of your labor, and forget about your team and their problems for one night. 

If you are in Chicago, you can join us at our Bosses Only Party tomorrow.

If not, find some business owners you enjoy and go have a cold one. You deserve it. 

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