How is Crossfit going to help?

”Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life forever.” ~Amy Poehler

For the last week, we’ve been talking about risk. 

We talked about how difficult it will be to make a plan for the rest of 2020, about how we need some way to orient ourselves, some kind of routine or discipline that will propel us forward through the uncertainty that’s coming. 

I’ve got an idea that might help make navigating that change more manageable. 


Now, before your eyes roll right out of your head — I’m not talking about you getting all sweaty, nor am I talking about the founder’s tweets or comments, I’m talking about the basic structure of the business —  hear me out.

Why Crossfit works. 

Crossfit has been successful where many other programs for health and exercise have not, and while there are issues with sticking with it and staying injury-free, there are an awful lot of Crossfit gyms out there!

Crossfit has helped many people make a change by combining three threads; simple actions, accountability, and community. 

The WOD, or workout of the day, means that you spend less time planning your workout and more time getting your workout done!

The coach is making sure everyone is getting through all the movements and getting the work out that they need. She’s setting a high bar for performance!

But what Crossfit has mastered is the community. When a new member starts, they may feel weak and out of shape — but the whole gym is rooting for them. Each time they achieve a milestone, it gets celebrated by everyone. When any member is straining under the load, the community comes around to cheer them on. The connection with the other members is almost addictive!   

What if you could have that for your business?

If you know anyone who has been “into” Crossfit, you know that they are fanatical about it — they tell everyone that they know how great it is! 

I want you to have that, but for your business! That’s why I created the Business Owner Mastermind Groups.

Our Mastermind groups provide you with a clear path forward: Each meeting, we ask you, “What is the most important thing you are going to accomplish in your business over the next two weeks?” So you clearly know your focus and can deliver on that. 

Our Mastermind groups set a high bar with supportive accountability: Each meeting, we also ask you, “What was the most important thing you’ve accomplished in the last two weeks?” Was it what you told us you were going to accomplish two weeks ago? 

Our Mastermind groups create a community where every member has an opportunity for support, gets help from others, and also has something to give to the group. 

Want in?

I’m currently forming a new Mastermind Group. 

I’m looking for 5 business owners who:

  • Are looking to make significant changes in their business, the kind that could result in 2X – 5X growth over the next couple of years. 
  • Are willing to listen, learn, and participate in a community. 
  • Can dedicate at least 3 hours per week to working on their business. 

If that’s you, hit reply and let me know. I’ll reach out and schedule a call where I can learn more about your business and your goals to see if there’s a fit with what we’re putting together. 

Tough times mean we need to band together, I’d love to see you getting stronger in our gym!

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