How much longer will you keep hedging your bets?

I had lunch with a friend this week who’s been attending to his father, whose health is failing.

During lunch, he told me that his father’s big advice to him during this time has been to “not wait.”

If there’s something you’ve been meaning to do, something that you want to accomplish, do it now!

What do you want to accomplish?

Earlier in the week, we talked about the importance of saying no and knowing what your focus needs to be so that you can make the most of the few chances you have to say yes! We can’t pursue everything. The fewer things we set our sights on, the more likely we are to succeed.

One of the keys to that is knowing what’s burning within you! What is it that you can’t leave without accomplishing – and then focusing your efforts toward those few things.

It can be hard to know, to discern, exactly what those few things are. There are many methods and processes to get there, but they all involve slowing down and getting quiet.

What’s worked for you? What helps you to get clear on your most important priorities? Hit reply and let me know!

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