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How NOT to burn out your team

As the boss, you get to see daily progress.

When a deal closes, or a project finishes up, you know it.

When a client is excited about the changes you made for them, you hear their praise.

You have access to a lot of positive feedback that the rest of your team doesn’t see or hear.

Even more so, when things are going well, you see the bank balance rising. You envision how you can use some of that money to make your family’s life a little better; do that kitchen remodel or take the vacation you’ve talked about… These things all combat a feeling of burnout and exhaustion. So how do you spread that anti-burnout goodness around? Here are some ways.

Say “thank you” to someone on your team every day

You’d be shocked at just how powerful a thank you from the boss can be. See someone working hard, say, “Thanks!” Notice great work. Tell them you noticed! Bonus tip – write them a thank you note and mail it to them at home. They will open it in front of their family, and everyone will know you recognize their efforts.

Celebrate progress, notable wins, and individual achievements.

Did you reach a new high-water mark for sales or profits? Don’t celebrate with a silent fist-pump in the office! Bring in a catered lunch and thank the folks who got you there. Is your new marketing campaign killing it? Buy donuts for the staff meeting and make a big deal about it. Don’t just reward people with more work, sometimes they like cake or donuts!

Let folks know that they don’t have to work as hard, or as many hours as you do.

Your team is going to try to set their pace by watching how hard you are working. They’ll never keep up, but they might die trying! Explicitly tell folks, “I don’t expect you to keep the hours that I keep. I understand that I might be an outlier!  You’ll do great here if you keep your own pace. If I’m burying you, let me know.” These few words can relieve a lot of pressure and make room for healthy conversations about the workload.

Take a break yourself

Be the change you want to see in the company. Try taking a long weekend once a month. I know it feels awkward, and you might not know what to do. Do it anyway. You’ll come back with more creativity and focus, and your team will get a chance to get caught up.

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