How running your agency (right now) is like Prom Season

I knew I wanted to go to prom.

It was going to be a big party with all my friends – one of the last times my high school gang would be together. I know I want to be there.

But I need a date!

Finding a date means taking the risk of getting rejected. It means screwing up the courage to put myself out there and ask someone.

It’s scary. I’m not sure who the “right” person is to ask. I’m not sure how to ask or when to ask.

I’m scared, and being scared attenuates my creativity and capacity for problem-solving. So I delay.

While I’m going round and round in my head, other guys are asking girls to the prom. Some of the girls I would have asked are now committed to going with someone else.

This increases my anxiety, and I spend more time in my head trying to work out the “right way” to do this.

Sad story Brad; how is this about me?

As I mentioned last week, some agencies are seeing their pipeline slow down. They are closing smaller deals they’ve been chasing longer and getting ghosted more often.

This is increasing anxiety.

“Either I need to close some new business, or I will have to cut costs! I don’t want to lay folks off, but new business is getting harder to find…”

During Prom Season, it’s pretty clear that the solution is just to ask someone! Trying to find the perfect, no-risk way of doing it kept me from having any chance of finding a date.

The same is true right now.

If you need new business and it’s getting harder to find, take more action.

Thinking about it isn’t enough. Try some things, fail at them, and then try other things! Do that over and over, and you will succeed!

It doesn’t matter so much what you try – plan a webinar (then do outreach to fill it), reach out to your LinkedIn contacts with a compelling offer (“Want to get on the phone and get some fresh thinking about a problem you’ve been facing for a while?”), get out the door and meet some folks in person.

It’s not as important what you do; what’s important is that you are taking action.

When you are in motion, the market will give you feedback. Listen to what the market is telling you and adapt!

What action will you take this week to increase the opportunities you see?

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