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How to bring in more business (even during a pandemic)

We just finished up our Social Selling Cohort that has spent the last 12 weeks working on increasing our lead generation through LinkedIn outreach. (Hit reply if you want to know more about it.)

As I listened to people talk about the value they received, one thing came up again and again.

Consistent activity creates consistent results.

During the work of the cohort, I introduced a scoring methodology to maintain consistent sales activity day after day. Each participant tracked their sales activities daily, and we reviewed our activities each time we got together.

Tracking activities daily meant more sales activity!

They knew I would ask them about it; they knew that activity today meant new leads tomorrow or in a week or a month (depending on their sales cycle), so hitting that number meant something to them. Hitting that number became a priority for each of them.

Not just any activity got “scored” on our scoreboard. We tracked conversations with ideal customers, discovery calls, proposal presentations, and of course, booking new work!

As one of my mentors used to say to me, “No one is going to crawl through your computer screen and hire you!” You have to take action every day to produce new clients.

Would you like to track your business development activity?

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