How to declare independence from your business!

Most of the owners I work with are fully identified with their businesses.

The business is their life, their identity.

When the business is going well, they are euphoric; when it’s going poorly, they are despondent. The success of the business is their success, and any failure is their failure.

Without their efforts, the business would grind to a halt in a week or less.

There are just too many things that are the owner’s responsibility – that they are the only ones who can do it. Neither the access nor the knowledge has been conveyed to anyone else.

For most of my clients, that’s exactly the way they want it – until it isn’t.

What happens when:

  • You want to take a vacation?
  • You, or a family member, have a health crisis?
  • Your business doubles, and you are struggling to do twice the work?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I work with a handful of leaders who have systematically worked their way out of every responsibility that has a date, deadline, or deliverable.

Instead of being the bottleneck, they are free to relive the bottleneck. They can spend their time training, innovating, supporting, and playing.

Is it time for you to declare independence?

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