How to finish strong, without stress

Last week we talked about how the next 87 days are likely the most important part of the year for you and your business. Crucial business decisions are being made, and relationships are being formed as we navigate the “crunch time” that is the Labor Day to Thanksgiving window.

When you hear that, do you feel like it’s finals week and you’re going to be working all the time and never sleeping? ‘Cause, that’s not what I meant by that.

Instead, picture yourself in a forest, searching for wildlife. Being quiet, observing, listening intently, but without stress or pressure.

We can’t make clients buy

When we pressure ourselves, deciding the way to finish strong is to work harder, communicate more, push harder…the clients feel that. It makes them feel rushed and pressured — like we’re demanding something from them.

But that’s not how good client relationships are made!

The best client relationships are built on trust, listening, and time together.

So do your account reviews! Be prepared. So that when you get together with your clients for that strategic conversation, you can be present to what’s going on with them.

Like you’re in a forest, watching for wildlife!

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