How your summer vacation is going to help you grow your business.

This is it!

After being inside with just our immediate family for the last year, you’ve gotten your shots and are ready for a summer vacation!

Whether you are headed out to see the family you haven’t seen in 2 years or escaping to the beach to be by yourself, going on vacation – when you own a business – brings a certain amount of stress!

“You pay for it the week before; then you pay for it the week after.”

Clients talk a lot about the crunch of work before they take off for vacation and the pile of work that will be waiting for them when they get back.

“It’s almost not worth it,” one client told me.

If you are facing a crunch of work like this every time you take some time off, I’ve got two words for you:

That pile of work represents all things that only you can do, am I right?

You are the only one who can get the invoices out, who can finish that proposal, who can polish that deliverable so that it can go to the client.


You are doing that work because:

  • You have made yourself essential to the day-to-day operations of your business so that you feel important.
  • You don’t trust your team to do it right.
  • You haven’t trained your team members to do it!

So this year, instead of putting your head down and barreling through everything you need to get done that week before vacation, invite your team to do it with you. Use it as a training opportunity. Build your processes in real-time so that this will be the last week like that you’ll have to endure.

Do it well, and you won’t come home to a pile of work when you return!

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