How’s your “boss” treating you?

Entrepreneurs: The only people who work 80 hour weeks to avoid working 40 hour weeks. ~ Lori Greiner

How many of these things are true of your “boss”?

  • They set unreasonable deadlines, and then you end up working late trying to meet them.
  • They regularly underestimate the work on your plate. When a client asks for something, they say, “Sure, we can do that!” Without a second thought about what we’re already committed to.
  • They schedule meetings right over your lunch hour and over your workout time.
  • They give you assignments that are fuzzy at best. What am I supposed to do here? How will I know I’ve done that? No clue!
  • No feedback, at least no positive feedback. Do they ever give you a “thank you” or a pat on the back? No way!

If you were nodding along, then maybe you have a problem with your “boss”!

What if your boss could be kind and compassionate toward you?

How would it feel for your “boss” to take your life outside of work into consideration? To think about your health, need for exercise, sleep, and healthy meals?

I’m going to guess that you’ve learned to think about these things for your team members but still aren’t giving yourself that same consideration.

I know some of you are laughing, thinking, “Sure, I could go easier on myself, but who’s going to do all this stuff that I spend all night doing? The whole place would fall apart!”

Is that true?

What is your life going to look like if you keep treating yourself like this five more years? Ten more? What’s your business going to look like?

On Thursday we’ll talk about some ideas to help your boss to “reform,” but in the meantime, think about what kind of advice you’d give to a friend with a boss like yours.

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