I can’t believe she replied like this…

I’m in the midst of building a brand new arm to my business: mastermind groups for business owners. I’m in the middle of a beta test for these groups and have spoken to colleagues, past clients, prospects, and anyone who might have an interest in hearing about it. (One of my core business growth tenets is, “don’t keep your business a secret.”)

So I reached out to a business owner I used to collaborate with and asked for a meeting talk about an idea I had for us. I also let her know that I wanted to hear about what was new in her business and to tell her about a new offer that would be perfect for her business. 

Her reply blew my mind

”I’m in the thick of planning my next series of podcasts and recording some lessons for my course, so feel free to email me an update.”

This is what focus looks like.

She dares to defend her calendar and say no to offers that would likely benefit her in the future so that she can get her priority work done today.

I’m not going to lie; it stung a little at first. But once I got over the rejection, I was impressed, my respect for her increased. She’s gone pro!

What would it look like for you to go into “monk mode” for a couple of weeks, or every Friday for the rest of the year? What could you accomplish if you started to say “no” to distractions? 

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