I feel guilty about taking time off.

When I ask my clients, “Why are you working on vacation?” They tell me that they feel guilty if they don’t.

Their staff is hard at work, they don’t want to let clients down, and there’s just so much to do I have to keep going.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…your team loves it when you get away on vacation and really rest.

They want you to come back relaxed and rested. They are not pining for the overstressed, uptight version of you. They can’t wait for the creative, easy-going version of you.

What about your clients?

Sure, sometimes there are time-critical deliverables that they’ll complain about. But they also appreciate the creativity and open-mindedness that you can embody when you get some rest.

You’re not that important.

More often than not, when people tell me they “feel guilty,” what they really feel is that they are important. They are crucial to the success of the project or entity, and that feels great.

But let’s remember who you want to be important to. Clients last a few years at best. Your family and friends last a lifetime.

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