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If you’re serious about your goals…

Today is the day when more than half of American’s have given up on their “new year’s resolutions,” and the older you are, the more quickly you give up on them! 

I know that my clients don’t usually “give-up” on their business goals by this point in the year. But if you haven’t made tangible progress by now, if you haven’t booked time in your calendar, sat down with your team, mapped out how you are going to accomplish them, the likelihood of success is dimming fast.

For some of you, that’s fine; just having the goals keeps you focused on making some progress, and whatever you can squeeze in is fine. If that’s you, delete this email and go on with your day.

But if that’s not you, if you have goals that you are 100% committed to achieving. If 2020 has to be different — you need freedom, time-off, more income, less stress — then now is the time to turn the ship.

Put time on your calendar.

Take out your calendar right now and book time for you to outline the plan for what you need to accomplish your goals. Break them down by month, or by week, and plan the progress you need for each step. Now, book time every week where you will work on that. Do not give up that time for clients, for employee crises, for anything!

Go after low hanging fruit

What’s the thing that you can do this week that will create some forward momentum. If you need to make a key hire, spend time this week on the job description and job posting so that you can start to get candidates in. If you want to add some strategic partners, make a list this week and start outreach to at least three potential partners. If you can clear a path and turn your “goal” into a repeating action that you can accomplish every week, you are halfway there!

Celebrate any progress

Don’t wait until the goal is complete to celebrate. Reward yourself for sending the first email, for getting the first meeting, for getting your first “no.’ These are all steps that are leading to completing the goal — be kind to yourself!

Always be starting (and re-starting)

When you miss a week, or don’t get the work done you’ve planned, don’t beat yourself up about it. That’s a waste of energy! Instead, start again. Maybe it’s been 3 weeks, a month, half a year…start again. 

Team up

There is power in working with others who are also pursuing big goals. When I’m dragging and not seeing success, someone else is killing it and encouraging me. When I can’t see the next step, someone else is there to help me see it. I have accountability, people who help me celebrate my progress and encourage me when I’m low. 

If you are looking for a team like that, I’m forming a brand new Mastermind Group for 2020. This is a group that will accelerate your progress toward your goals by supporting you with a team of like-minded business owners who offer ideas, accountability, and energy.  Hit reply to this email and I’ll give you all the details. 

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